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One-Stop Digital Agency

With our specialty in digital marketing paired with our list of preffered partners, we are the definition of a one-stop-shop that will not rest until we achieve perfection. Do you know what is the icing on the cake? Well, our prefered partners are our best friends who share the same vision of changing the world. You may call us all crazy, but we call it passionate.

Social Media​​

Stay on top of the game with your social media presence.

Lead Generation

Beat out the competition and secure new business.


Dominate your market with search engine marketing.

Web Design​

Let's create something beautiful that will generate sales.


Impress your potential clients and leave them in awe.


Display your business with perfection.

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24 Hour Support

If we are in service and our phones are on, you will not miss us. With our 24-hour customer support, it can be 2:00 am and we will sit down and figure out the best solution to a given issue and get your vision back on track. As we said, we do not rest until we have achieved our daily goal.

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Real Time Data Insights

Why wait until the next day when you can log into your portal and directly see your daily results and how our efforts are impacting the individuals you’re targeting? We strive to provide a solution no other firm can or will and that is giving you constant insights into how your business is growing and a direct outlet to see our impact.

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Dedicated Account Managers

One of the things we absolutely hate is not knowing who we are going to talk to or be in contact with and we wanted that to stop with us. At IEM, each member of our family has a dedicated workaholic set to them to constantly be by their side to achieve greatness. As we said, we leave no one behind and push to get every member of our family to the top of the leaderboards.

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Ask Us Anything

It is YOU! You are your most valuable asset. The ideas you have and the goals you strive for is what makes us wake up every day with a smile on our faces.
The answer is yes and no. You should be marketing on every network possible, but you shouldn’t be advertising on every outlet possible. Some really don’t drive business like others depending on the industry and we don’t believe a dollar should ever be wasted. We believe every dollar should be put to use in the right space that will bring your vision to a reaility.
YES.YES.YES. YELL IT FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! When you provide something that is informative and intrequing, the world takes notice and so will your SEO. Everything you do online for your business will impact the overall application and make your business exist on cloud 9.
Well, that can come down to the budget and your business model. We take an organic approach to a lot of our results and we can turn that speed up 150% over its current rate, but with a budget and business model that can handle the growth we bring, you may want to get ready to reach for the stars!

If you were to have asked us if print was dead 5 years ago, it would have been the same answer we are giving you today and that is that it’s complicated. Print is not dead, however, it is not doing to hot for a lot of industries and digital has become the king of the pact. Print still has a strong impact on some industries, but for most, it is a trade that is better left in the past.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. One of the issues we all face is giving too much for too little and that is because we reach too far with no return. We advise you to start one step at a time and work to becoming a powerhouse on every platform but that takes time and with our strategy, we will turn that speed up to 110%.

Well yes, we do! With our specialty in social media and our preferred partner’s specialty in every other possible outlet, we are a one-stop-shop that will not sleep until you are living your best life with the ones that truly matter.

Our average success rate has been a consistent 30% YTD growth for most of the family members we have. We stive for excellence and making sure at the end of the day, a crisp high five is due!

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